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Other Postemployment Benefits & Consulting

Resources for Supporting Your Retirees

Get a partner who is uniquely positioned to help manage the costs and risks of your retirees' postemployment benefits. At Conrad Siegel Actuaries, our extensive valuation experience and deep knowledge of health and welfare benefits gives you an edge over retiree medical benefits, continued life insurance coverage, and more. These other postemployment benefits are referred to as OPEB.

Actuarial Valuation Services

We provide actuarial valuations for OPEB benefits for over 400 entities on an ongoing basis. Our comprehensive services provide all the information you need to comply with any of these accounting standards:

  • FASB ASC 715-60 (formerly SFAS 106)
  • GASB 45
  • IAS 19
  • SSAP 92 (formerly SSAP 14)
  • FASB ASC 965 (formerly SOP 92-6 or SOP 01-2)

OPEB Consulting

Conrad Siegel Actuaries’ OPEB consultants can work with you on a variety of topics beyond actuarial valuations. This includes:

  • Cost control and risk management
  • Plan design
  • Insurance markets and Medicare coordination
  • Funding
  • Medicare Part D options
  • Actuarial attestation for the RDS subsidy
  • Reimbursement filings under the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program

Other Consulting Services

Our 28 consultants have diverse expertise in actuarial science, employee benefits, insurance, and investments. This breadth of knowledge can be applied to a variety of other services, including:

  • Retirement seminars
  • Divorce calculations
  • Actuarial testimony
  • Workers' compensation consulting
  • Comprehensive benefit statements
  • Mark A. Bonsall, FSA

    Mark A. Bonsall, FSA


  • Robert J. Dolan, ASA

    Robert J. Dolan, ASA


  • Abigail S. Fortino, ASA

    Abigail S. Fortino, ASA


  • Robert M. Glus, FSA

    Robert M. Glus, FSA


  • Frank S. Rhodes, FSA, ACAS

    Frank S. Rhodes, FSA, ACAS


  • Glenn A. Hafer, FSA

    Glenn A. Hafer, FSA


  • Laura V. Hess, FSA

    Laura V. Hess, FSA


  • John W. Jeffrey, FSA

    John W. Jeffrey, FSA


  • David H. Killick, FSA

    David H. Killick, FSA


  • Josh Mayhue, FSA

    Joshua R. Mayhue, FSA


  • Jeffrey S. Myers, FSA

    Jeffrey S. Myers, FSA


  • John D. Vargo, FSA

    John D. Vargo, FSA


  • Thomas L. Zimmerman, FSA

    Thomas L. Zimmerman, FSA


  • Jonathan D. Cramer, FSA

    Jonathan D. Cramer, FSA


  • Tina M. Fincher

    Jonathan A. Sapochak, FSA


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Read what clients have said about Conrad Siegel Actuaries and its OPEB and consulting team.

"I didn’t know much about the OPEB details. The consultants at Conrad Siegel Actuaries made it easy for me by taking the time to help me understand what was required. And, they did it in such a way as to not disrupt my normal routine or daily operations in any way. I would recommend their services to any school district faced with these new reporting requirements."

Laura A. Cowburn
Columbia Borough School District