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Investment Services

Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Conrad Siegel Actuaries. We are an SEC-registered investment advisory firm with no ties to any financial institution. As independent investment advisors we are, therefore, able to provide our clients with advice that is in their best interests. We have been providing investment advisory services since 2002 and have over $2.8 billion in assets under management. Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, Inc. offers a full array of independent investment advisory services for retirement plans and wealth-management services for individual investors.

At the core of our investment philosophy is a well-diversified, low-cost style of investment management that has led us to become the 3rd largest registered investment advisory firm, in 2014, as recognized by the Central Penn Business Journal.

Our clients tell us how much they appreciate our ability to break down and analyze highly complex situations and strategies, and communicate these issues in a clear and concise way - all designed to help them make informed and prudent decisions.

We Service

  • Tracy S. Burke, CFP, ChFC

    Tracy S. Burke, CFP®, ChFC®


  • BethAnn T. Reeser

    BethAnn T. Reeser, QPFC


  • David H. Killick, FSA

    David H. Killick, FSA


  • Glenn A. Hafer, FSA

    Glenn A. Hafer, FSA


  • Bruce A. Senft, CEBS, CFP

    Bruce A. Senft, CEBS, CFP®


  • Thomas L. Zimmerman, FSA

    Thomas L. Zimmerman, FSA


  • Tara L. Mashack-Behney, CFP, ChFC

    Tara L. Mashack-Behney, CFP®, ChFC®


  • Stephan Troy, CFA

    Stephan Troy, CFA


  • Thomas W. Reese, ASA

    Thomas W. Reese, ASA


  • Janel M. Leymeister, CEBS

    Janel M. Leymeister, CEBS


  • Jeffrey S. Myers, FSA

    Jeffrey S. Myers, FSA


  • Thomas J. Terhaar, CFP

    Thomas J. Terhaar, CFP®


  • Robert J. Mrazik, FSA

    Robert J. Mrazik, FSA


  • Robert J. Dolan, ASA

    Robert J. Dolan, ASA


  • J. Scott Gehman, CEBS

    J. Scott Gehman, CEBS


  • Frank S. Rhodes, FSA, ACAS

    Frank S. Rhodes, FSA, ACAS


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